In addition to a complete range of high quality solder alloys, TAMURA ELSOLD offers a world class innovation, the micro-alloyed TAMURA ELSOLD SN100(Ag) MA-S with additions of nickel, germanium and phosphor. The special and revolutionary manufacturing process results in a highly pure and highly stable solder alloy with a much lower tendency to oxidise solder equipment. Typical solder defects such as bridging and solder spikes are almost non-existent.

    Further advantages of SN100(Ag) MA-S are good solderability, fine-grained & shiny solder joints, reduced erosion of solder pot and solder tools, reduced leaching resulting in the best cost efficiency.


    Perfectly suited for wave soldering processes.

    Also available as solid wires & flux cored wires - for shiny solder joints, better wetting and reduced soldering tip wear.

    For selective soldering systems with a good inert gas atmosphere, non-micro-alloyed solders are recommended - also according to the recommendation of the system manufacturers - with regard to nozzle coatings, i.e. our standard alloys such as SnCu0.7 or SAC305 of highest quality.


    Product Benefits

    Good wetting properties
    Fine grained and shiny surfaces
    Reduced attack on solder crucibles and soldering tools
    Low dissolution rates
    Lowest dross formation
    Best cost efficiency


    Conform to International Standards

    The specification is in accordance with ISO 9453 and IPC J-STD 006C or is narrower, with nickel as an alloying element and not as an impurity.

    SN100(Ag) MA-S
    Alloy Types for the Startup

    300-400 ppm Ni | 30-70 ppm Ge | 10-50 ppm P

    SN100 MA-S SC07Ni

    SnCu0.7 + Ni + Ge + P
    alloy 403 | ISO9453 


    SN100Ag0.3 MA-S SAC0307

    SnAg0.3Cu0.7 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag1 MA-S SAC107

    SnAg1Cu0.7 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag3 MA-S SAC305

    SnAg3Cu0.5 + Ni + Ge + P

    Copper-free versions available on request:
    Sn99.7Ag0.3 MA-S SA03
    SnAg0.3 + Ni + Ge + P

    Sn97Ag3 MA-S SA3
    SnAg3 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100(Ag) MA-S REFILL
    Alloy Types for Refilling

    reduced Cu-content | 200-300 ppm Ni | 60-100 ppm Ge | 120-200 ppm P
    for permanently optimal solder bath compositions with best properties


    SN100 MA-S REFILL SC02

    SnCu0.2Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag0.3 MA-S REFILL SAC0302

    SnAg0.3Cu0.2 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag1 MA-S REFILL SAC102

    SnAg1Cu0.2 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag3 MA-S REFILL SAC302

    SnAg3Cu0.2 + Ni + Ge + P

    Non-copper-reduced variants available on request:
    SN100Ag3 MA-S REFILL SAC305
    SnAg3Cu0.5 + Ni + Ge + P

    Copper-free versions available on request::
    Sn99.7Ag0.3 MA-S REFILL SA03

    SnAg0.3 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100(Ag) MA-S REFILL Plus
    Alloy variants for refilling at low production quantities and/or higher thermal/oxidative load

    reduced Cu-conten | 200-300 ppm Ni | 250-350 ppm Ge | 120-200 ppm P


    SN100 MA-S REFILL Plus SC02
    SnCu0.2Ni + Ge + P  

     SN100Ag0.3 MA-S REFILL Plus SAC0302
    SnAg0.3Cu0.2 + Ni + Ge + P

    SN100Ag3 MA-S REFILL Plus SAC302
    SnAg3Cu0.2 + Ni + Ge + P

    Factor 15x less dross after 8 hours in a dynamic solder bath at 290°C in air.

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