TAMURA ELSOLD® - Quality with Sign and Seal

    The TAMURA ELSOLD® production process complies with the quality management standard ISO TS / IATF 16949. Certification for this comprehensive directive for the automotive industry was achieved in September 2007 and is still valid (Certificate Registration No. 391568 IATF16).

    TAMURA ELSOLD® has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001 : 2015. TAMURA ELSOLD® products fulfil the standards DIN EN ISO 9453, DIN EN ISO 9454, DIN EN 61190 1-1 to 1-3; the key international standards and the TAMURA ELSOLD® works standards which are not covered by any official standard.

    Selected TAMURA ELSOLD® soft solders fulfil the ESA soldering standard ECSS-Q-70-71A. All spacecraft launched into space by ESA (European Space Agency) are soldered with TAMURA ELSOLD® soft solders because of their high quality, high reliability and long service life.

    Certification in accordance with IATF 16949 - 2020
    Certification in accordance with ISO 14001 - 2020

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